'Accroître la présence des infirmières dans les écoles'

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Selon une étude menée par la Société Fabian, un groupe de réflexion britannique de centre-gauche, chaque école devrait disposer d'une infirmière permanente pour lutter contre l'obésité chez les enfants, les problèmes nutritionnels et les grossesses chez les adolescentes.

Currently, there is only one nurse to every ten schools in England. The Fabian Society argues that every primary and secondary school needs a specially trained nurse who should be a recognised as a full member of the school team and be on site in schools able to give pupils medical advice when they need it. 

The think-tank's research shows that in Finland, where school nurses have a significant role in the education programme with nurses based onsite in all schools, teenage pregnancy levels are much lower than in the UK. Experts also say that school nurses have played a key role in Finland's health-education success. 

The Fabian Society report 'Born Unequal' will be published on 28 March 2007 and can be consulted on the think-tank's website.