Enquêtes sur la « Communauté des acteurs européens »

Below are the surveys EURACTIV has produced in cooperation with various stakeholders (corporations, interest groups and media).

Most surveys have been presented at ad-hoc workshops (members only) or at our yearly EurActor's conference. To see past and upcoming EURACTIV events: Workshops & Special Weeks.


  • EURACTIV 2010 CrossLingual Readership Survey by Gallup: PDFPdf .


EURACTIV presents its 2009 Surveys on trends in EU Affairs. EURACTIV has questioned in parallel Brussels based Federations, Consultancies and Corporates. The topics varied from Management, Membership, Communications Trends, New Media and the European Transparency Initiative. The results are gathered in five separate documents presented as follow:






  • Communication Trends around Corporate Affairs Staff in EU Brussels – read the related news or download the final reportPdf
  • Communication Trends around European Federations in EU Brussels – read the related news or download the final reportPdf
  • CrossLingual Readership Survey 2004 – download the final reportPdf .  

If you would you like to know more about any of the EURACTIV surveys below or are interested in cooperating with EURACTIV, please contact us by e-mail or visit EurActor Services page.